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about saip

SAIP is a student-led organisation founded in 2016, which aims to foster the growth of a collaborative African body on the University of Pennsylvania campus and beyond. Our main objectives are to nurture a community committed to developing the African continent and to foster positive relationships among Africans at and outside of Penn for the purpose of personal and professional development.

Our core purpose is to create a space for African international students to interact freely. Moreover, we have the following objectives:

  • Mentorship

  • Professional development resume workshops, mentoring sessions and through Penn Africa Summit

  • Connecting members to internship opportunities in Africa

  • Academic development through group study and tutoring sessions

  • Encouraging other demographics on campus to engage in the African culture

  • Organizing forums for students to discuss current political events and cultural issues

Our long-term goal is to find a permanent physical location on campus which the African international students can call home as well as create a recognized and funded 4-year scholarship program for incoming freshmen.

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