Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What benefits are there to being a member of SAIP?

You instantly become part of a large community of like minded students. SAIP offers you the chance to interact with students from all across the continent. You may share similar stories and experiences and the insights you learn from their experiences here at Penn will help guide you through your own journey. SAIP is a place to make friends that you will live with throughout your college experience and beyond.

Am I allowed to come to SAIP events even if I am not African or international?

SAIP events are open to all students. One of our main objectives is to give other students the opportunity to learn more about Africa. Please feel to bring a friend to our events.

How often do you have GBMs?

General Body Meetings (GBMs) happen at least once or twice a semester. In these meetings the board gives updates on upcoming events.

When is the next Penn Africa Summit?

Penn Africa Summit 2020 will happen from April 2nd to April 4th. The dates and locations are published on the Summit page.

How can I join the board?

You can join the SAIP Board through a simple application process. Board applications happen twice a year. The first round happens immediately after Penn Africa Summit in mid-march. The second round happens after fall break and is reserved for freshmen interested in making a difference in the SAIP community. Applications are open to all our members. We encourage you to apply for the chance to become a decision maker in an organization that is growing and thriving. To learn more about the roles and responsibilities, please click here. To learn more about our current board click here.

I have a suggestion for an event. How can I tell you guys about it?

We welcome any ideas from our members and are excited to help you implement them for the benefit of our community. Please fill out this form for any comments or suggestion you may have.

Alternatively please send us an email at